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No longer at Gillingham, but soon near Bristol (if all goes well).

(A snapshot of BH, fairly recent.)

Kanchan and I have been taking photographs, fairly seriously, for well over 20 years. For much of that time were were members of the Advanced Study Group at Missenden Abbey, under the guidance of Brian Nevitt. Our work has been undertaken for our own pleasure, and is fairly eclectic, both in terms of subject matter and technique. Brian Hellyer had also for a while taught photography to GCSE and A level but we are both now retired.

This is not a commercial site and we do not expect to sell photographs. If you are interested in using an image you may contact us and we might give permission for publication if the authorship and copyright were to be acknowledged. Most of the files posted have been reduced in size a little to speed upload, but usually we could e-mail a full size jpeg file.

At present we are dividing our time between France and England. We attend meetings of the Shaftesbury Camera Club when we are able and keep in touch with the Missenden Photographers. BH is also a member of the ARDI. at Caen.

Nous nous excusons d’écrire la plupart de nos commentaires en anglais mais je commence à ajouter quelques mots en français. Peut être les images peuvent parler elles-mêmes. BH

Look out for the photo blog (en anglais) - people seem to be reading it.

We are aware that the site is getting a little crowded with a mixture of images ranging from art photography to simple snapshots and reportage. In time I may thin it down a bit and I have started trying to order galleries into groups.
BH 2015 June/2014 juin

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